Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tarot: The Fool

It is said that in the universe which is tarot the cards you don't click with are ones to pay attention to. A personal example is the Emperor, which I am now more comfortable with as a result of realising I have daddy issues as well as mummy issues.
Another one is the Fool. For me it is so obvious that the fool can see where he is going and the viewer cannot. I suppose this view of the card says more about me than you could ever wish to know!
Then bizarrely the Fool manifested in my life yesterday. It was my daily draw and since I had another meeting investigating the complaints my enemies in the workplace have made about me, it left me worried that I was going to do something silly. My plan was just to be completely reasonable (as it happens I knew that my main ally had done a hatchet job of them the day before).
And here is how the fool manifested. I just went in and calmly said it like it is. However I said one thing which revealed to the investigators that Zippy my 'manager' had already managed to mess up the process of the investigation by a major ommission which I didn’t know about but as a manager she should . Fury would be the word to describe the reaction which passed fleetingly over the manager's face before he hid it. So by unknowingly just talking, I let them see how incompetent she is.
From now on I will see the Fool as indicating true natural magical knowledge. Or as my union rep put it, 'It's not looking good for Zippy '!

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