Reading Tarot With The Hound

This page is an index to all of my ramblings on this blog about the tarot. I am unlikely ever to get disciplined enough to write a book about it, and many of the posts are anyway intensely personal reflections on how the energies of these cards actually manifest, but I thought this would be useful to anyone who wants it.

General Articles

On Being Given a Tarot Deck
Second Hand Tarot Decks
Respecting Divination Tools Part 2
On Sticking with Divination Tools
Meeting Granddaddy Marseille
Quote from Charles Williams
David Parlett on the Tarot
Pamela Colman Smith's Advice to Art Students
Back to School with the Tarot (with Waite)
Back to School with the Tarot Again
Golden Dawn Elemental Dignities
Non-Pictorial/Pip Tarot Decks
A French Method of Reading the Pip Cards
Sexual Abuse in the Tarot
Food Poisoning in the Tarot
Significant Events in the Tarot
Reading the Tarot Aces
Direction in Tarot and Passive/Active Meanings
The Significance of the Question

Carnie Elite Tarot Review
Tarot del Fuego Review
Tarot de Paris Review
Fournier Tarot Genoves Review
Aquarian Tarot
Katz and Goodwin's Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarot Review

Introduction to Kipper Cards
Fantod Pack Review
Morgan's Tarot Review

Major Arcana

0 Fool Manifestation Where Does the Fool Come in the Trumps?
I Magician
II High Priestess A different view of the High Priestess
III Empress
IV Emperor Tarot and Jacob Zuma's Lavatory Personally Difficult Cards
V Hierophant Open Your Eyes and Take Ownership
VI Lovers The Lovers in the Minors
VII Chariot The Chariot Today
VIII Strength Strength and my Shopping List
IX Hermit
X Wheel of Fortune
XI Justice Justice and the INFJ
XII Hanged Man Suspension The Hanged Man Today
(XIII) Death
XIV Temperance
XV Devil
XVI Tower The Tower Today
XVIII Moon By the Light of the Moon Spread
XX Judgement
XXI World


Ace of Cups
Two of Cups
Three of Cups Three of Cups
Four of Cups
Five of Cups Open Your Eyes and Take Ownership
Six of Cups Six of Cups Spring Cleaning
Seven of Cups
Eight of Cups
Nine of Cups
Ten of Cups
Page of Cups
Knight of Cups
Queen fo Cups
King of Cups


Wands Where There Aren't Any
Ace of Wands
Two of Wands
Three of Wands
Four of Wands
Five of Wands
Six of Wands
Seven of Wands Seven of Wands
Eight of Wands
Nine of Wands
Ten of Wands Ten of Wands
Page of Wands
Knight of Wands
Queen of Wands
King of Wands


Ace of Swords
Two of Swords 2,3, 5, and 7 of Swords
Three of Swords Three of Swords 2,3,5, and 7 of Swords
Four of Swords Three Going on Four of Swords
Five of Swords Nyaa-nya-nya-nyaa-nya 2, 3, 5, and 7 of Swords
Six of Swords
Seven of Swords 2, 3, 5, and 7 of Swords
Eight of Swords
Nine of Swords Running away, perseverance and power Open Your Eyes and Take Ownership
Ten of Swords Having Your Cake and Eating It
Page of Swords
Knight of Swords
Queen of Swords
King of Swords Open Your Eyes and Take Ownership


Ace of Pentacles
Two of Pentacles
Three of Pentacles
Four of Pentacles
Five of Pentacles Five of Pentacles
Six of Pentacles Six of Pentacles
Seven of Pentacles Seven of Coins
Eight of Pentacles
Nine of Pentacles
Ten of Pentacles
Page of Pentacles
Knight of Pentacles
Queen of Pentacles
King of Pentacles

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