Thursday, May 5, 2016

Urban Grimoire: Spell for Problem People

And I'm not talking about just difficult people, I'm talking about the kind of nightmare people who are usually exes or in-laws. You can't come to a sensible agreement with them and there's no point trying.
So here is the Hound's simple spell for solving this problem once and for all. All you need is two of these people. I'm sure if you are lucky enough only to have one in your life you could borrow one from a friend. Now, using a method of your choice, attach them together (personally I visualise them attached together inside a long grey sausage shape thing), sit back,  and let their nonsense affect each other.
Let's end with a song suitable for this occasion and these people.


  1. ::shocked::

    I hope that song wouldn't have been part of your "Music & Words" meme had you done it?

    ::imagination runs into overdrive pertaining to the long, grey sausage thingy::

    1. Well, I was quite disappointed to find that his song 'i think about you every time I shit' is a tender love song...


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