Saturday, May 21, 2016

50,000 Page Views Guest Post: Keep Britain Black

'A Lincolnshire priest has suggested in his parish magazine that black clothes should be banned at funerals and everywhere else. The normal arguments given to support this rest on two premises, that black clothes are drab and that funerals should be joyful things, celebrating a departure from this vale of tears into the happy abode beyond.
The only reason that black is thought drab is because it is associated with death and the clergy. But if kept clean, which the clergy often can't manage, it can be devilishly attractive. I can also think of several of my acquaintances whose death will leave me with no happy certainty as to their future abode. One could always modify one's dress at funerals according to one's estimate of the dead man's chances.
The real reason, I'm afraid, for many people's objections to black is because they do not like to reminded that with all the twentieth century's advances in the fields of teenage thought and cosy living, our scientists have not yet abolished the ancient and time-honoured institution of death. For myself, if anyone attending my funeral is not dressed in black, I shall haunt him through all his waking nights, dressed in South Sea shirt and Bermuda shorts and howling like a banshee.'
Auberon Waugh, 'Keep Britain Black,'Catholic Herald, 1 March 1963


  1. "One could always modify one's dress at funerals according to one's estimate of the dead man's chances." - I like this train of thought.

    1. So do I! I have the strangest urge to buy a polyester kaftan off the market. Can't think why.
      Glad you're over your affliction, btw.

    2. Polyester? As summer warmth is approaching? You won't be popular...
      Oh, yes, thank you! I managed to trick MirrorMe back to where he belongs and made my escape!


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