Sunday, May 1, 2016

Self Love

'You're too apt to fall on your own sword and too hasty to speak the truth,' said my union rep the other day. She doesn't get it. One of the advantages of having such a mother as mine is that you learn how to seem completely reasonable, and a major way to do that is to reflect on what's happening and own ones own part in a situation. She didn't notice that what I'd actually said was after reflection I'd concluded that my manager is an idiot and my colleagues are c*nts! And people think I can't do subtle.
You see I do actually chew things over at length and I have reflected on the lessons the universe has had for me over the past six months or so. The lesson is simple: it is that love of self comes before anything else. I'm always banging on about the connectedness of everything in the magical world view and it is necessary to have a worthy view of oneself. I don't want to say that this is a necessary precursor to some required love of other people, because I don't think that is necessary. Rather, loving or appreciating myself frees me not to seek love, appreciation, approval, from other people.
Of course the muggles hate this. I have commented before on how wonderful some people's disapproval can be. On the other hand this love of self acts as a magnet for those ready for that love themselves. It also acts as a magnet for the gifts of the universe. The lady will provide for her children, although we are as strangers in the world. If I love myself, I give myself permission to take the gifts of the universe and invite the universe to give them to me.

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