Saturday, February 27, 2016

How to Treat Enemies

Without saying too much,  my enemies in my work place have retaliated against me. I was getting worried that they weren't going to - getting worried because it is plainly necessary that my workplace implodes so that it can actually be sorted out properly, rather than the issues I have raised being seen as isolated problems and the bigger problem being ignored. I foresaw that this would happen, because I know the enemy very well and predicted that they would give me this opportunity to let years of nonsense come out at once.
You will notice I don't hesitate to call these people enemies, and I'm sure that many readers of this post will be horrified by that. Well, if a cunning Fate has drawn you to my blog to expose you to a world view which you find shocking, I am delighted to be the agent of it. In fact one of the markers of a magical world view is that by placing us in difficult initiatory positions, we are made free of our existing baggage to move on to what comes next, and my arrival at my own position has been wrought by trauma over a period of years.
My position is home spun, I do not claim to represent any tradition, but here it is. I don't feel the need to love you. We are both here as part of our world's relentless evolution. I have my stuff to do and so do you. If I feel obliged to give you a good hard slap, then I'm actually helping both of us towards the future. This world view is actually about as pagan as you can get,  because it completely avoids the difficulties raised in monotheism by the goodness of God and the paradoxical presence of evil.
Of course magically all things are connected but I reserve the right to cut away at that damn verruca which insists on hanging on. And it has been incredibly liberating for me to own the simple fact that there will always be people in my life whose presence will be toxic. Freed of any obligation to understand/love/forgive them I am free to set my own priorities. It also allows me the space and freedom granted by defining some people permanently as enemies: I will usually have attempted to engage with them and it will have failed.
I am also free to see the universe's gift as an opportunity. My enemies can complain about me all they like, it just creates an opportunity to create an even bigger showdown.
I saw one of my enemies the other day. I actually didn't realise she was behind me as I was laughing and joking with a colleague. I spotted her and greeted her warmly. She looked nervous and embarrassed  rather than pissed off that I remain unbowed. This didn't make sense to her at all, but I'm fairly sure wasn't the effect she'd intended at all.

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