Monday, January 14, 2013

Turned out alright

When I got into work today, dreading the meeting I posted about yesterday I bumped into the one person I didn't want to be there; she was barely able to speak & told me she was going home. Yippee, I thought, one down, it'll go better than I thought. As it happened there were only going to be four people there anyway, & then I found my manager was off sick, so with half the people not present I made an executive decision and told the fourth person we'd scratch it.
When I got to my own in tray I found that a colleague to whom I had lent Z Budapest's The Goddess in the Office had returned it, which was strangely suitable. I solemnly swear I had no hand at all in these people's illnesses, it just happened to work out exactly how I wanted it for today!

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