Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Coming up for air

Once again I have found myself in the middle of too much 'stuff'. And once again I have dealt with it by centering myself back at the altar. She wanted the scarf in which my skull was wrapped as an altar cloth, so Mabel is now wrapped up in a shemagh. It's not black, so I don't reckon I'm now going to wear it. I ironed it last night & sat in front of the altar for some time, letting everything settle in the quiet of the night.
For me time alone is essential. Years ago I did the Myers-Briggs Jungian personality test & came out as INFP. I have recently done it again & came out on the cusp of INFP & INFJ, although INFJ does sound more like me now. This not only means that I have obviously matured a little in those 20 years, but also that I am Special and Rare, Bright & Gifted.
Not to say conceited. I also found a wonderful website with various psychological tests & DIY screenings for psychiatric disorders. It seems I may have ADHD: I'll probably never know, because I never finished the test.
This may, however, refer to a certain genuine inability to stay focussed for too long. Restless & easily bored, my Specialness is definitely more geared to the sprint than the marathon. This year my year card is Strength, as I said before, & I would hope this comes out in a focus on my actual objectives. I have a few at work (not the sort that would appear in an appraisal), I want to continue getting fitter (I've not been exercising because an old elbow injury has been playing up, but I got back to it yesterday & so today am having a thin day & feel fit as a fiddle), Abbot Laurence Soper has rather been on the back burner while my mind has been scattered on different things, & Jyoti Singh Pandey's rapists are overdue for the cursing they so thoroughly deserve.
By returning to the centre, I return to myself & actually find everything right there.

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