Sunday, January 20, 2013

5 of Pentacles

The present weather here (I'm aware most of the hits on my blog aren't from Britain, suffice to say it's snowing) puts me in mind of one of my favourite tarot cards. Favourite because 5P is open to endless interpretations & is actually a much more amenable card than just 'out in the cold'. Have the people had a row? Who is wearing the trousers? In some cards there is a door visible. Have they been sent away or chosen their exile? What is actually going on in the building? - is it a church or something else? Is the woman comforting the man (as in Morgan Greer)? Is the man injured? Do both of them even want to be going where they are going?
Whatever the interpretation of this card it represents the stagnation of the holding on energy of 4P, before things start moving again in 6P. In 5P you have to stop & wait for something, a benefactor, opportunity, etc, to resolve the situation you have yourself created in 4P. This is why this card usually shows a snowy picture in RWS-tradition decks. Snow literally brings things to a temporary halt & forces us to look within & take stock. Personally I moved the furniture round in my house yesterday. I've been wanting the sofa in the back room for ages, but it meant I discovered this little patch of cat sick that I didn't know was there. While I was doing this the cat was asleep in my bed: he got in at 8am-ish & slept until 5pm, and was very cross to find everything had moved around! I also set up my new laptop with an audio-in wire to play through my stereo, which has dramatically improved its sound. The picture is a somewhat arbitrary one, since my 3G connection for the internet has been knocked out by the snow, showing a remarkably 60s scene of people buying old military uniform. I am myself wearing some ex-army parade shoes which I bought for work & are surprisingly comfortable, just without the Beatles 60s chich of tasselles jackets and so on!

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