Saturday, May 5, 2018

Tarot Feathers

I first noticed it on Temperance: feathers and wings in the world outside the RWS tarot deck are a marvel of evolution and their tidy perfection is quite something. So how did Pam manage to make the feathers on the Temperance angel's wings look so tatty - no effort is even made to make them point the same way.
I wondered whether it was a 'hidden Mickey' but have been unable to spy any pictures or words in the pattern of the feathers. The other cards depicting wings also show feathers which look tatty, but Temperance is the worst.
We know that Pam rushed through the poorly paid commission of designing a tarot deck so perhaps immaculate feathers were the least of her concerns. Perhaps she drew Temperance after the others.


  1. Those feathers really are awful. Not enough preening! There's probably a duck or goose in those irises that could teach that angel how to do it?

    1. The wonder I suppose is she looks unruffled (lol) at looking so untidy. This is an occasion when we can blame the creator!


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