Saturday, February 10, 2018

What's Next...

I am thinking of looking for another job. The deciding reason is that I have a professional disagreement with a new policy my current organisation has unveiled in the past couple of weeks. I'm not wasting my breath telling them they're wrong - or even that they will regret it when the complaints from the public start coming in - it's not a battle I'm prepared to fight.
Nonetheless since working in my current job, which is OK in many ways, I have been interested to see that the itchy feet which afflicted me in my youth have come back with a vengeance. I was a notorious runner away in my twenties. Quite different to this was my approach in the employers I walked out of without notice. I worked for them for over sixteen years! Admittedly a lot of the reason I stayed was sheer pig headedness!
That is not the approach I am going to take now. Nor am I just going to run away - I was seriously contemplating applying for a certain job the other night, who I think would have snapped me up but it would have been a mistake.
How does a witch decide what to do in this situation? Well, I am alerting my manager to the problems raised by the new policy as they come. I know it will change because the organisation I work for is in many ways a work in progress, but at least saying something about it means that I'm as covered as I'm going to get. But I'm going to choose where I go carefully. Even if I get a job soon I will have been there over a year and thus been through a whole cycle of probation and appraisal before leaving, so it won't look as if I'm running away because I'm not performing. Something else keeping me is that I have introduced one of my colleagues to the company - and when she gets off probation in five months I will get paid a bonus of £500 for doing so. Tempting, but not so tempting that it would keep me if my precious INFJ principles were being violated.
Rather I am deciding where to go on witchy principles. What do I *want* to do in my work life? What would give me satisfaction and pleasure? What is it my Will to do to turn a coin? I have drawn up a mental short list of the sort of jobs within my profession I would apply for. But nonetheless the will is out there. I've had the thought that I want an interesting, rewarding job and put that thought out into the universe. What's the betting a perfect, off-the-wall job will just appear out of nowhere?


  1. Is the picture a (very big) clue to what you'd do to turn a coin? It is, isn't it?!

    1. Well there's nothing like seeking your bliss is there?


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