Friday, April 14, 2017

Digbeth Art Gallery

Another free art gallery today: this time a completely personal choice of graffiti art in Digbeth. Some of these certainly aren't there any more, and one of the things I like about graffiti is that it isn't fossilised into a canon and preserved in perpetuity.
Some are my own pictures and others are ones I have saved off the internet. I'm afraid I haven't kept the sources so if you own these pictures and want me to acknowledge or take down, get in touch with the contact form.


  1. What an amazing selection! My favourites are the "beautiful" cthulhu, the woman at no.21, the black & white owls, and the origami fox & hare. I can't decide if I like the creepy yet sad cat-tree monster thingy, though.

    1. Funny, the one you're not sure about is a favourite of my best friend! Perhaps what graffiti you like is an indicator of variations of personality?


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