Sunday, April 30, 2017

75,000 Page Views Guest Post: Zigeuner by Noel Coward

As is my custom, a guest post as my counter passes a significant number. Unusually, though, the spirit of Noel Coward occupied me and insisted on a song, which is one I remember Hinge and Bracket singing. I did explain to him that appearing on my blog would mean a bare chest but he was ok with that and agreed with me on how healthy it is. Unfortunately I couldn't find the Hinge and Bracket recording online but will append a video so that any witch readers who don't know it can sing about the parallel figure of the 'gypsy'.

Once upon a time,
Many years ago,
Lived a fair princess,
Hating to confess
Loneliness was torturing her so.
Then a gipsy came,
Called to her by name,
Woo'd her with a song
Sensuous and strong,
All the summer long;
Her passion seemed to tremble like a living flame.

Play to me beneath the Summer moon,
All I ask of life is just to listen 
To the songs that you sing,
My spirit like a bird on the wing,
Your melodies adoring—soaring!
Call to me with some barbaric tune,
Now you have me in your power,
Play to me for just an hour

Bid my weeping cease,
Melody that brings
Merciful release,
Promises of peace
Through the gentle throbbing of the strings.
Music of the plain,
Music of the wild,
Come to me again,
Here me not in vain,
Soothe a heart in pain
And let me to my happiness be reconciled. Source of lyrics

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