Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spirit of Place: 1960s Birmingham in Flower of Gloster

A picture-heavy post this time (I'm not having Inexplicable Device saying my posts are too long to read, cheek). I bought this 1967 children's TV series as a present to myself to celebrate my new job, and I just love the contemporary depiction of Birmingham. I just hope John Grindrod is reading this!


  1. Does 2010s Birmingham abound with topless youths just as the 1960s seemed to?

    P.S. Thank you for whittling down the text - I just about got through this one without wanting to gouge my own eyeballs out (no, your recent injury wasn't because of me) ;)

    1. I think the producer told him to 'make like you're on the game, ducky'.
      I knew the sight of nipples would motivate you to stick it out to the end!


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