Thursday, March 16, 2017

Seeing and The Eye

Sometime during the course of last weekend I had a go at poking my own eye out in my sleep. I know, it sounds more ridiculous the more I say it, but there is no other explanation for the way I woke up with what turned out to be a nail-shaped dent on my eye, which had already formed scar tissue which blurred my vision. The doctor's removal of the scar tissue was the work of moments but the necessity to stay at home putting endless drops in it and wait for it to get better, was another matter.
I'm not good at waiting for things which can't be rushed. For Goddess' sake, I'm putting the drops in, why can't it get better now?
There is another aspect of having a wound (one which isn't really anyone's fault) - it requires its recipient to sit with the fact that sometimes these things just happen, something always difficult for someone as willful as me.
Some wounds of course are spoils of war. I personally keep souvenirs of several wars which gave me wounds. You may feel that this is the wrong attitude to take, but those people shouldn't have gone a-warring.
Visual wounds, of course, have particular associations. With criminals for a start, since you never see a pirate portrayed without an eye patch. Magically, of course, there is no such thing as being blinded, since we put so much effort into seeing in other ways. Also forced inactivity and sensory changes forces you to see in other ways.
But the main thing this opportunity has given me is the need not to be dramatic about it. It's getting better and if it doesn't completely recover I'll go back.
Plus when I rang work I chanced to get one of my colleagues who is a c#nt - I took great pleasure in going into stomach-churnung detail which plainly revolted her :-D


  1. "But the main thing this opportunity has given me is the need not to be dramatic about it." Oh, I don't know? A little drama never hurt anyone. Besides, it's fun (as you have clearly demonstrated by revolting your colleague)!
    I woke up once a few years ago to find a six inch scrape along the inside of my arm and a great clod of arm skin under my fingernail! I still haven't found out what that was all about.


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