Sunday, January 15, 2017

Reflections on the Witch (yet again)

I commented that I've really been rather unwell. Fortunately I had annual leave this week and it's only been towards the end of the week my 'mojo' has come back with a bump. It's made me think again about how nobody gets the witch...
- We often live by a whole set of rules which nobody else even knows exist...and our lives are an indictment of other peoples' rules.
- Because our world view is different, definitions such as losing and winning can be completely different for us.
- We don't believe in our religion, magic or whatever. We damn well know.
- We don't make mistakes and don't have time to regret. If you don't make mistakes, you're not even trying and there's nothing we can't turn round to our advantage.
- It is impossible to be alone as a witch. We exercise personal responsibility but when push comes shove, the help will always be there.
- Because we observe the 'tides' of nature, we know how to align things so they happen inevitably, and that times and seasons change one thing into another.
- We are unstoppable: as a force of nature if you try to contain us we come back stronger.
- Finally, as the world's most unorganised grouping of chronic non-joiners, we know that many of us who look different from us. Our greatest strength is our refusal to make our own witchcraft everybody's.
As you can see, my mojo has returned stronger than ever :-)


  1. It's amazing what a good Vicks rub can do! ;)

    1. I will let Victor know you approve. He's very discreet and really quite reasonable.

    2. In that case, can you ask him to put me down for twice a week?

    3. Well, I will, but he does a special rate for three visits, and can't do Thursdays because of the bingo.


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