Sunday, April 17, 2016

Burning Boats

I have discovered, on reading round the subject, a long military history of success being dependent on burning bridges before you start the battle. Humanly, of course, this means that failure isn't an option, and no doubt it focuses your mind in a marvellous way.
Magically it also seems to have the same effect on the universe. So much of magical training and teaching is based on the development of an undivided Will, and one way of making sure things can only go one way is to destroy all exit strategies and other plans. When you do that, things can only go in the direction of your plan.
I have noticed this time and again, that magic works best when your back is to the wall. Of course it requires some nerve volitionally to burn your boats so that the only way is ahead, and there is also a human tendency to watch the burning rather than pressing forward. However this is the point at which the sorcerer will step forward and welcome whatever is coming next, knowing that the universe will fill the vacuum created by what is being left behind (admittedly, usually with some other idiot).
Go ahead, burn your boats!


  1. Replies
    1. Did they get wet as you swam to the ship?

    2. No, they all went up with the first boat - I didn't realise one isn't supposed to be on the boat when setting it alight...

      ::wrings seawater out Hat and Cloak::


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