Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Jewellery Quarter

To town today to rescue a witch friend from a 'do' that would be worse than death, although I maintain I am an unlikely rescue fantasy. We didn't do the German market but had sushi at the wonderful Woktastic, then to the jewellery quarter. I wanted to go to a pub on Newhall Street, the Queen's Arms, because it is most famed for being haunted by a ghost who pinches bottoms. That's what I want to be when I'm dead: an army barracks or university would be my preferred location. Unfortunately the pub was packed. Now you could attribute the bottom pinching to the punters, but the ghost pinches women's bottoms & the men in there looked spectacularly unlikely to do that, and even more strangely, each & every one seemed to have brought his mother with him.
So we went to The Actress & Bishop, where we christened my new Morgan's Tarot (I will post on it properly at some point), then we spent some Goth time in St Paul's churchyard. Beggars of all descriptions, as creatures of the night themselves, recognise Trouble when it stares them in the face so would be unlikely to cause trouble for a witch. That poor wreck of humanity was asleep on a bench: I expect he had collapsed from drink or drugs. The third picture is one of several plaque-thingies on the pavement in Newhall Street: I'm not sure what they're for but the relief of the 1980s-yuppie mobile phone appealed to me. On to another pub before a steak at Cafe Rouge, then home where I had to change the bed as the cat was sick on it just as I went out this morning & I only had time to pull the sheet off before I went out.

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