Friday, December 28, 2012

Not forgetting

I am slightly bothered by the 'never forget the burning times' mentality: leaving aside the fact that they didn't happen. I found myself falling into it when I tried to synchronise pictures from a file on my laptop called 'witches' to my mp3 player and it just wouldn't do it. All other pictures it will, but none from that file. I found myself thinking that I was being persecuted for being a witch.
Of course this isn't so. However of course this pap-victim mentality can be essential at times. We humans tend to remember things selectively: we paint our own actions in a rosy glow, and because we don't want to go through life perpetually surrounded by conflict we tend to forgive and forget the actions of others. If it be your will, forgive by all means, but be careful about forgetting. The message of hope we have for the world is taht our actions cannot be undone, they pursue us beyond this life, we *must* live with the repercussions - 'karma' is too loaded, because sometimes shit just happens - of our actions. When people forget this they then tend to think they can get away scot free.
This is where the witch comes in. My own craft teacher told me that she thought we are here to create the scenarios for people to correct their own karma/repercussions. I am only now beginning to understand this: it's one of the reasons we wear black, because we absorb the actions around us and record them in a way. This is why some witches go off their heads, because they're not managing the amount of data they're processing: it is essential to turn off from this and select what data to delete permanently sometimes.
You will remember that a while ago I had an almighty run-in with someone at work: this actually took the form of not letting her forget things that she had done to people. She had artfully erased everything from her memory - and very interestingly was very ready to drop her former best chum in it for making people's lives a living hell. The outcome of my replaying her actions to her has been even better than I expected. It has actually caused the fruition of endless spells cast by myself and another over several years. In fact it has caused the whole debt/burden/karma to come back to her.
Strangely I now find I don't have to forgive her. I don't feel the need. It's done. If I hadn't made a point of remembering, recalling, speaking, it wouldn't be dealt with at all. But hey, that's what witches are for. Everyone needs a witch in their lives, it's just some people don't realise it - and some of them are even witches!

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