Saturday, March 24, 2018

Anecdote from Patricia Crowther about Alex Sanders and Aleister Crowley

"That I disliked Alex Sanders from the start will not come as a shock to anyone associated with witchcraft. He came to our home on only three occasions, and at no time did he set foot in my temple.
'On his second visit (in the morning of 18 June 1962), he wanted to try the planchette. We obliged, and a spirit calling himself Aleister Crowley came through (we often had messages from Crowley). This time, all he could manage to say was 'Chuck the bugger out!' Sanders enquired, 'What did he say?', and I contrived to camouflage the awkward moment, by replying, 'I think he said," It's a lovely day out".'
Patricia Crowther: High Priestess. Phoenix Publishing, Blane (Washington), 1998, pp. 64 -5.

It is the bit about often getting Uncle Al which makes this perfect.
I'm going on a field trip this week: I'm going to do the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford. Now you may say it bears a passing resemblance to my living room but there are people whose collections of weird shit rival even mine!


  1. Ooh! The object of the month is a textile fragment depicting hummingbirds, from Peru. I'd love to see hummingbirds out of my kitchen window, but I think the closest I'm going to get are sparrows.

    Do you have an object of the month amongst all your "weird shit"?

    1. Yes, actually, but I dont want to be forced to have an adult content warning .
      No doubt I'll find several in Oxford...


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