Saturday, January 13, 2018

Help Needed

Hello, Witches.
This post is to ask for your help in magically creating justice for a turd whose initials are DCB. I am not publishing his full name because his alleged crimes are not in the public domain or even in the hands of the constabulary at the moment. The universe and powers know who this person is and he edges towards his fate as we speak. I look forward to reporting a success similar to that with the former Abbot Soper.
Here's a suitable incantation:


  1. Linkin Park! I haven't entertained any of their music since 2000's Hybrid Theory. I surprised myself by actually enjoying their "radio-friendly" nu metal and rap metal sounds, plus Chester Bennington's (RIP) screaming vocals.
    Sticking with the Linkin Park theme, perhaps this DCB might also suffer a papercut or twelve?

    1. I would be pleased at any pain inflicted on him. Of course a paper cut with a tree trunk would be good.
      I'm also working on getting someone to stop farting around and get the ball rolling by going to the police...
      He really is a turd.


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