Sunday, November 19, 2017

Queer: Graffiti near the Gay Village

This graff is something I've been meaning to post about here for some time - I'm quite chuffed it hasn't been cleaned off from one of the underpasses under Bristol Street, where it appeared some time ago.
*How* a lot of the assimilationist rhetoric spouted by the most vocal section of the gay world does my head in. Do I even need to say that concepts such as marriage and children feature highly? Yes you've got it, they want to be just like the heterosexuals.
The fact that this is painted on a wall is very cheering to me. The fact the concepts of queer and thug are put together warms the cockles of my witchy heart no end. Not all the faggots out there are good little gays. Some of the faggots are different. So mote it be.


  1. They could stand to work a bit more on their spray-can control, that's for sure. And how about taking a few calligraphy lessons from Ms Scarlet?

    Levity aside, it's good to see some public examples of diversity within our minority.


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