Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hidden City: Anchor Exchange

The video which illustrates this post is now rather dated, since it shows the Central Library (sob...I can't wait for the utterly pedestrian building for which the library was demolished to be finished so that I can be rude about it) and that ridiculous Forward statue which is missed by no-one.
Naturally I haven't been inside Anchor Exchange. Nobody has - it's sealed up tighter than a fundamentalist virgin in a prison full of sexually-frustrated men. I have a feeling it looks different now - it was restored in 2010, as it still carries essential cablage. Naturally I would love to get in but it's not happening: even on the urbex forums it's on the list of places not even worth trying.


  1. At first glance, I thought you had written that the Anchor Exchange still carries essential "cabbage". I'm glad it doesn't - can you imagine the stench if it did?

    1. Oh damn, I must correct that spelling mistake. How else would Hotel du Vin get its vegetables transported to it?


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