Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Closeness of Magicians

Regular readers will know by now that I have no involvement with the local pagan community. I would say that they annoy me intensely but I think it is because more broadly magical people annoy each other. As Sir Terry so perceptively put it, the fact that magical people tend to be chronic loners, about as ready to co-operate as mother bears, is nature's way of deflecting what we could actually do if we got it together to co-operate.
When we do co-operate, extraordinary things happen. If the object of magic is always in some way the magician, then joint magical workings will affect the relationship between you. Repeated working together creates a psychic bond which cannot be broken. Those who use 'coven' as a disparaging term may even be picking up on the (not necessarily sexual) intimacy and loyalty a magical relationship builds. These are bonds which make a mafia cabal look like amateurs and there is nothing else like it. No wonder the muggles get scared.
There is another aspect to these relationships: we all have blood families but (I mean this quite seriously) family is as nothing compared to the loyalty created by magical working together. In fact as we know, this kind of family persists through lifetimes, across continents, and the bond is so strong we find each other again repeatedly.
You cannot be a witch alone.


  1. "You cannot be a witch alone" - So true. I try and try, but every now and again (well, hardly ever, really, but that's still too much) I'm ensnared in the workings of my coven. Do you ever co-operate, no matter how grudgingly?

    I'd forgotten about that Sir Terry "mother bear" quote. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Not with the community but I have two regular magical partners. Your turn is yet to come!
      Btw it's a very INFJ thing to be unwillingly dragged out...


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