Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Freedom (Again)

The theme of being free from slavery of all sorts has been recurring repeatedly for me over the past year. Yesterday I went to see a solicitor to enquire about the possibility of claiming for constructive dismissal from my previous employers at the tribunal. I am delighted to say that of course the Hound was right, and by repeated acts of ridiculousness my employers broke the contract between us, and I have a claim that is provable.
You can only imagine how pleasing it was to be right about this. You will also be surprised though to know that I am not actually going to take it to the tribunal mainly for reasons of the costs outweighing whatever I would get financially out of it. You will be equally surprised to know that that is a relief to me and I am not disappointed at all.
What happened was that the instant the solicitor told me I had a valid claim, while not exactly losing all interest, I knew that it was over. I don't need to take it further. I don't have anything to prove. I don't need or want the money I would get. My previous employers are so incompetent that being proved wrong at a tribunal would not make them actually perform properly in future. So there is stays.
Of course if they try to mess up my life in terms of references and what have you I won't hesitate to take legal action, but that hasn't happened.
Uncharacteristically I feel that I have to leave it there. The reason is that I have to be free from them. I know that in leaving them I have done the right thing for myself, and that is what really matters here. To continue to give my old employers psychic house room is to give them an importance in my life that they shouldn't have. So the paperwork is archived in the back of my wardrobe, even with my diary of events. It's over.
Well, to be strictly honest, and to reassure anyone who thought that I was becoming uncharacteristically fluffy, it is almost over for me. The solicitor made the very good point that Zippy's incredible incompetence could well be a matter our registration body would take an interest in so I think I should probably have a word with them and see if they want to take her to a fitness to practice hearing (pause for hysterical laughter).
And then it will be over for me. I say over for me, because of course I have left a web of retributive magic hanging over them. One of my magical altar sisters has said all along that there is going to be a death and that hasn't happened yet. People who have crossed me have had accidents and illness happen to significant others, in proportion as they have been absolute c!nts to me. So while it is over for me and I am free, I doubt very much that there isn't worse to come yet for them. Shame that. It also means that honour has been served, and repayment has been made in a coin other than actual money.


  1. Sometimes it is enough to know that one is right. Although, I am not surprised to hear there are still some razor blades lurking in that fluffy cotton wool!


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