Thursday, March 17, 2016

Urban Grimoire: Underpass Magic

I realise I have posted about tunnels and underpasses, and their chthonic significance, several times before, but this post is more about how to do it. It is natural also that themes recur in people's lives and magic.
The idea of 'underground' holds strong resonance for humans, with connotations of being the entrance to the 'underworld', being secret or hidden. Underground can even include connotations of the revolutionary or disrespectable: exactly the connotations of the witch word we apply to ourselves.
The placement of an object also has a strong resonance in some old -school magic. As a priest of Hecate I'm well used to leaving things at crossroads and in graveyards. In this instance the object has been left in an underpass, thus leaving the person it represents at the mercy of the underworld.
Zippy has been given to two degus to chew. For creatures who will normally eat anything they took an instant dislike to her (sensible chaps). They did chew her zip and eyes, but otherwise she has been lying on the bottom of the cage being soaked in urine and with faeces landing in her mouth periodically. I'm informed that the smell of urine will attract rather than repel the rodent denizens of the underworld, who will hopefully take her stuffing to make beds with. To encourage this she has been opened up and tasty rat treats stuffed in her. She has then been left in a pool of urine in an underpass for...who/whatever to find.
Bye bye Zippy.


  1. Ah, a fitting end, by the sounds of it. Let's hope that Zippy stays down there and doesn't - in scary movie style - appear at the foot of your bed in the middle of the night.

    P.S. Those degus do indeed sound sensible.

  2. And what drunk, going down there for a pee, could resist giving her a kick?
    That said, I find the idea of her appearing, Exorcist-style, at the foot of my bed, shouting in Zippy's voice, 'your mother sucks in hell, hahaha,' quite amusing!


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