Commentary on the Charge of the Goddess

1: Introduction
2: History of the Charge
3: Sources of the Charge
4: Listen to the words
5: The Great Mother
6: Artemis
7: Astarte
8: Dione
9: Melusine
10: Aphrodite
11: Cerridwen
12: Diana
13: Arianrhod
14: Bride
15: and by many other names
17: Aside on the inward journey in the Charge
18: Then shall ye assemble in some secret place
19: adore the spirit of Me
20: ye shall be free from slavery
21: naked in your rites
22: and ye shall dance, sing, feast, make music, and love, all in my praise.
23: Mine is ecstasy of the spirit
24: Keep pure your highest ideals
25:For mine is the secret
26: Upon earth I give knowledge of the spirit eternal
27: Nor do I demand aught in sacrifice
28: Hear the words of the Star Goddess
29: I who am the beauty of the green earth
30: For I am the soul of nature...
31: Let my worship...
32: Beauty and Strength
33: Power and Compassion
34: Honour and Humility
35: Mirth and Reverence
36: And thou who thinkest to seek me...
37: Conclusion on the Thealogy of the Charge
38: Bibliography
39: Textual Analysis of the Ye Bok of Ye Art Magical Version
40: Textual Analysis of the Verse Version
41: Textual Analysis of the Final Version
42: Comparison of the Sources of the Three Versions
Appendix: Passage from Crowley's Law of Liberty

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